Clinical Supervisors

Supervision Brochure

Here is a link to the Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work Supervision Brochure.

If you have any questions regarding supervision, please contact Bev Caruso or Sarah Schuh.

Clinical Social Work Supervisor List

The following list of members, available as supervisors, is provided for the convenience of our members and is not meant to convey any endorsement or to take any responsibility for their practice.

Kathie Bailey, LICSW (612-870-6127)
Use of body-oriented techniques
Denise Hanna Bisanz, LICSW (612-203-3923)
School-based, child, adolescent, grief and somatic therapies
Leslie Blessing, LICSW (612-834-4943)
Children, adolescents, adults, families, groups, agency work, school social work, CTSS, ARMHS, homeless youth, elder care, trauma and spirituality
Elizabeth Bohun, LICSW (612-871-6816)
Adults, couples and families
Chad Breckenridge (612-339-0737)
Adult, adolescent, couple family therapy
Heather Burke, LICSW (952-454-2835)
School social work, individual, children, adolescents, family therapy
Cara Lynn Carlson, LICSW (612-462-3812)
Mindfulness, attachment therapy, transpersonal and integral
Beverly Caruso, LICSW (612-374-2618)
Individual and group adult therapy, marital therapy
Carole Cera, LICSW (952-542-4836)
Individual, adults, child, adolescent treatment, crisis intervention, domestic violence, social service agency setting
Michael Chovanec, LICSW, LMFT (651-690-8722)
Clinical social worker with 30 yrs experience in mental health working with individuals, couples and families
Susan Conlin, LICSW (651-209-2767)
General supervision for licensure
Diane Dovenberg, LICSW, LMFT (651-487-2450)
Individual, couple and family therapy
Jody Dunlap, LICSW (612-719-0387)
Adult individual, adult group, family, marital/couple, geriatric, GLBT, trauma/abuse, chemical dependency, dual, mood and personality disorders
Anne Gearity, LICSW (612-825-7200)
Interventions with children and adolescent; parent involvement; challenging cases; adult psychotherapy
Sharon E. Grostephan, LISCW (612-922-9144)
Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic and individual
Heidi Haley-Franklin, LISCW (763-439-1807)
Individual and group supervision available. Adults, geriatrics, grief/loss and chronic conditions
Betsy Horton, LICSW, BCD (612-920-3265)
Adults, couples
Pamela J. Hyatt, LICSW (612-702-8631)
Adult individual, adult group, sexual offenders and psychitric crisis
Jeffry Jeanetta Wark (651-698-0768)
Psychotherapy, EMDR, Hypnosis, mind-body spirit work
Sharon Leilani Elisabeth Jensen, LICSW (320-589-7625)
Adult, dual (MR/MI), geriatric, grief and trauma/abuse
Lois Kemmet, LICSW (952-715-6444)
South metro, therapy with older teens, adults, couples and CBT
Tamara Kaiser, PhD, LICSW, LMFT (612-825-8053)
Individual, adults, supervision/consultation and training for supervisors
Harriet Kohen, LICSW (763-546-1796)
School age children, youth and their families
Deb Kratz, LICSW (651-592-1592)
General, school social work, birth to five parent/child
Susan M. Kundel, MSW, LICSW (651-788-2913)
Individual and group psychotherapy with adults and seniors. GLBT issues, mood disorders, and psychotic disorders
Ellen Luepker, LICSW, LP, BCD (651-999-0116)
Adults, adolescents, individuals, couples, families, group treatment
Ann M. Miller, LICSW (651-769-7689)
Adult individual & group, LGBT and trauma/abuse
Barbara Mohr, LICSW (612-927-8937)
School social work in special education
Jean Naymark, LICSW (952-929-0650)
Adult and group supervision for psychtherapist for school social works or other working with client in the mental health field
Linda Nielsen, LICSW, BCD (612-874-7488)
Child, adolescent, adult therapy; family therapy; trauma survivors (including war, torture); grief/loss; depression; anxiety
Josephine Nwoke, MSW, LICSW (763-291-5199)
Psychotherapy with children, adolescents, adults, groups, and family. Other areas of experience include: domestic violence, psychiatric emergencies, child welfare/trauma and chemical dependency groups and counseling
Kimberly Oftedahl-Brooks, LICSW (952-888-5611)
Adult individual, depression, anxiety, psychosis, cognitive behavior therapy motivational interviewing and CD issues
Roxanne Sanderson, LICSW (651-266-1484)
Adult mental health, crisis and group
Clayton Sankey, LICSW (651-770-0355)
General practice, adolescents, corrective action by Board of Social Work
Sherri Schneider, LICSW (651-616-2509)
Crisis stabilization, trauma/abuse MI/CD and adults
Connie Schweigert, LICSW (952-926-0436)
Supervision in child therapy, play therapy, with clients dealing with trauma, developmental skill issues, Golden Valley office
Bernie Slutsky, LICSW (763-541-8176)
Couples, emotionally focused couples therapy
Julie R. Stender, MSW, LICSW (612-567-4654)
Children, adolescents and adults, group and individual, families, and school social work

Clinical Social Work Consultant List

Karen Belling (651-645-5805)
(not for licensure) Adults and Martial/Couples
John Driggs (651-699-4573)
Adult, Group and Marital Therapy
Mitch Leppicello, LICSW (651-739-7539 ext 228)
Children, adolescents and family therapy, specializes in work with youth and autism
Laura Lawson Phillips (952-484-6564)
Susan Schultz, PhD, LICSW, LP (952-842-0299)
Work with birth to five years of age
Jeffry Jeanetta Wark (651-698-0768)
Psychotherapy, EMDR, Hypnosis, mind-body spirit work
John O'Brien, LICSW (612-968-6097)
Adults, adolescents and people with disabilities
Ken Traen, LICSW (651-760-3957)
Adult ADHD
Joan Wernick, LICSW (651-641-1749)
Adults, individuals and couples

National Association of Social Workers - Minnesota Chapter: Supervision Web Page

The MN Coalition for Licensed Social Work, with funding from the MN-NASW and MSCSW, has just completed work on a Supervision Website. The website offers information on the new licensure law taking effect on August 1st. The website is specific to the changes in the supervision requirements in the new licensure law and offers articles, links, resources and important information for those giving or seeking supervision. The Board of Social Work remains the last word, but this site is meant to offer a central location for resources and information. It does include links to the Board of Social Works site to help Social Workers find the most up to date and accurate information: - Supervision Webpage