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What We Do:

  • Provide networking opportunities for members.
  • Represent your professional interests to various parties.
  • Provide legislative updates.
  • Distribute a society newsletter.
  • Host professional education workshops.

Who We Are:

The Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work was founded in 1978.  The Society promotes and advances the practice of clinical social work in the following ways.

  1. Strengthens standards for clinical practice and education.

  2. Establishes and maintains a code of professional ethics.

  3. Supports forms of legislation which ensure competent, ethical service to the public.
  4. Promotes clinical social workers as independent providers of mental health services to ensure optimum health care for all citizens.

  5. Contributes and disseminates knowledge about practice and innovative service through evaluation studies, professional meetings, continuing education programs, and collaboration with schools of social work on educational activities and professional publications.

  6. Promotes the public image of professional clinical social work.

Member Comments:

"I'm with my kind of social worker. I feel supported and understood!" — Harriet Meyers

"I wanted to be able to meet others in clinical social work as I began my career and move towards clinical practice." — Maureen Bigbee

"I heard a past MSCSW president speak and was impressed" — Joyce Forsgren

"Great minds willing to share, opportunities to learn, support and encouragement; what a wonderful organization to find so soon after moving here from California!" — David Gibson

Mission Statement:

The Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work advances the practice of clinical social work through professional development, endorsing ethical practice standards and through legislative and community advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Organizational Values:

  • Commitment to the dignity, well-being and self-determination of the individual
  • Commitment to professional practice characterized by competence and integrity
  • Commitment to a society, which offers opportunities to all members in a just and non-discriminatory manner.

Organizational Goals:

  • Disseminate research and educate professional social workers in best practices
  • Uphold and promote ethical and responsible standards in social work
  • Advocate optimum mental health services and ethical practice for all stakeholders (constituents, citizens) through legislative endeavors.
  • Collaborate with educational and public organizations to promote clinical social work practice.